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Earth Day 40th Anniversary


This year, April 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Supporters hope that Earth Day 2010 will be a turning point to gain more attention for energy efficiency, renewable energy, organic farming, and green jobs. Earth Day is an opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together.

In observance of the 40th anniversary, the Earth Day Network has developed numerous global initiatives in 175 countries including Green projects involving politicians, athletes, artists and schools.

Earth Day

Earth Day was founded by the late Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin who announced in 1969 that he would organize a nationwide grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment. On April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day was celebrated. Two years later, the first international conference on the environment was sponsored by the United Nations. But most agree that the movement took years to get real attention and consideration.

Over the past two decades, Earth Day has grown in popularity and this year, with Green movements expanding throughout the world faster than ever before, it is expected that 1.5 billion people will participate.

Green Earth

Do your part, even if it means making a small change in your habits—buy organic food and products, recycle, stop using toxic fertilizers and pesticides and start a compost pile.

Earth Day

Aly Sanger


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