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How to Select Plush Toys & Soft Dolls for a baby


If you have a baby at home or if you are planning to give a gift to your friends' & families' baby, you would usually think of giving a set of soft, plush toys. Choosing the right kind of toys to give babies should take a lot of consideration, though. Toys are not just ornaments for babies. They do not just serve as a form of entertainment for the infant since it does much more than that.

organic cotton soft dolls and plush toys

If your baby is still young, you might want to consider giving him or her toys that will allow his or her shape and color recognition develop. Toys are your best tools in aiding your baby become more stimulated and eager to learn and develop. If your baby is newborn and is just beginning to play around with toys, the most recommended type of toy to give him or her are soft toys. Soft or plush toys are the best stuff to give your baby as his or her first playmates.

Many parents ask about the tips on how to choose soft toys for month old babies. They have a reason to be careful and anxious since chemical dyes and stuffing which are not organic can cause serious effects to the baby. Babies tend to chew on these toys and put them on their mouth so it is better for you to choose the type of soft plush toys that are made out of natural dye and organic stuffing to avoid possible poisoning. When you buy soft toys come in various designs, colors and sizes. Most soft toys are made of images of cute animals or miniature babies. They are usually very colorful which is just perfect for the baby's eyes.

When buying these toys, make sure that it is certified by an independent third party or has passed the safety tests to be considered safe for the baby to play with. Make sure that the toy does not have too much button- like designs which can loosen and can cause the baby to swallow it or choke on it. Also choose the appropriate appearance for the small baby. Choose something that he or she will enjoy playing with. It is also a plus if you choose soft toys which can help your baby develop his or her learning ability.

Sckoon Organics offers a variety of soft plush toys made of 100% organic cotton inside and out. They are dyed with low impact, environmentally friendly dyes safe for small babies. If you don't know which soft dolls to choose from, you can always select an e-gift-certificate which can be redeemed anytime to choose from 300+ items that Sckoon Offers.

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