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Bring a Happy Baby Within You


When you make a simple mistake, what do you say to yourself? "Oh, stupid me, why did I do that?" or even worse, when it goes wrong, you would say "Why do the bad things always happen to me!?" Watch what you say to yourself, because that has an impact on you.

Instead of saying negative things to yourself or making a judgement, just say, "OK, I made a mistake." Stop there; say no more. Learn from your mistake and move on. Bring your awareness back to the present, not the past, nor the future.

We all know that a judgmental parent creates a negative effect on her child. A good parent constantly looks at their child’s best attributes and praise them so that the child’s potential grows fast and builds a good self esteem.

Liking yourself no matter what, without being egoistic, is bliss. What you can do every day is to watch over yourself with warm, caring eyes, and to accept facts as mere facts; don't develop any story to label others, or yourself. For example, your friend tells you that she will call you in the afternoon, but she forgets. You immediately think, "She is such a forgetful person!" or "Maybe I am just not important to her." You must cleanse your mind of such thoughts, and just see the fact as it is; she didn’t call.

When you don’t label incidents, others, or yourself, life is much simpler. And you will feel a calm, happy person inside of you. Nurture that happy being, just like loving mothers do.

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