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How to Wash and How Often Lanolize Wool Baby Diaper Covers?


Washing Wool Diaper Covers is very simple, especially Sckoon Stick -N- Snap Wool Diaper Covers are machine washable. Either machine washing or hand washing, it should be done in room temp water.

How often do I was the wool items?

Wash your wool diaper covers when they are soiled, or whenever they start having an odor It really depends on how often they are being used. Depending on the type of lanolin product you use, you may be able to go longer periods between lanolin treatments.

How often do I lanolize?

As wool diaper covers do not tend to need to be washed that often, we recommend only lanolizing when they are washed. However, if you notice that they are starting to wick moisture, it is time to do another lanolizing. Usually, brand new wool covers are recommended to be lanolized before first use as they are often not sufficiently lanolized; however, it is unnecessary for Sckoon Stick -N- Snap Wool Diaper Covers as they are made of organic merino wool that are naturally lanoline rich and are very capable to keep the moisture in.


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