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About the menstrual cup


This alternative menstrual product was introduced somewhere around the 1930s. In the initial era, menstrual cups were manufactured from gum rubber. Later on latex menstrual cups were introduced in markets. However, this resulted in allergies in many women and the company’s manufacturing these cups started developing them in medical grade silicone. Despite a wide range of the pads and the tampons available for the women and girls, many still like to opt for the menstrual cups. There are many reasons for this preference. This is the reason most women who have switched to the greener lifestyle of the menstrual cup which are an ecofriendly alternative. Like any other menstrual product this cup too needs to be taken out, rinsed and reinserted after every six to eight hours. Unlike tampons which absorb the liquid, these cups collect the menstrual liquid.

Some brands offer different menstrual cups for women who have given birth. It is important to select the most suitable menstrual cup to maximize protection. Also it is important to follow the instructions provided along with the purchase of the menstrual cup to ensure it is cleaned and disinfected properly before inserting it inside the vagina to collect menstrual flow. The menstrual cups are easy to bend or fold which helps in placing them correctly. The menstrual cups do not leak if they are positioned properly and women can even sleep with them with no fear. The use of these cups might seem bothersome but with the passage of time it gets easier. These cups can be bought easily from the retailers in the market or on the World Wide Web that are dealing in the hygienic or the menstrual products.

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