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I used to avoid exercise like the plague when on my period. The thought of putting on yoga pants to actually work out in was unfathomable. Don’t get me wrong – I would totally wear yoga pants just to lounge around, but go to the gym in them when my cycle was here? Definitely not.

I’d finally made the decision to get in shape one year, and that meant working out a minimum of 5 days a week unless I was miserably ill and stuck in bed for some reason or another. This meant that even when my period was here I would have to go to the gym. That was going to be tough.

The first time my cycle paid me a visit I objected and pushed the thought of the gym out of my mind. After a lengthly half hour battle with myself I finally forced myself out the door. At the end of my session, I felt better. A LOT better. But not only that, I realized that the gym should be a “prescription” for when my cycle was here, because I felt pretty amazing after just 30 minutes of sweating.

Do you need a reason to get up and move when you’re on your cycle? I’ll give you 5 reasons why I work out even when Aunt Flow is visiting.

Feel Better…

We’ve all heard that exercising releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals. After an active session at the gym or an uplifting yoga class I always felt 100x better. When on my cycle, this feeling is incredibly important.

Healthier Eating…

If I know I’m going to be working out I’m more likely to stay aware of what I’m eating, and I am more likely to opt for the healthier option. This means I tend to eat far less sugar and salt.

Reduced Bloating…

By watching what I’m eating (i.e., way less salt) I’m already helping my body. Combine that with regular exercise and I’m in paradise – and in my favorite pair of jeans! I’ve noticed on the days I don’t exercise when my period is here I tend to be more bloated. Now I make it a point to exercise if I’m feeling even the slightest bit puffy.

Build Confidence…

While I may not feel hot wearing sweaty clothes, exercising gives me a confidence lift. When I finish a difficult workout I feel stronger, healthier, and ready to tackle the world!

Energy Boost…

Do you get groggy and sleepy when on your period? I know I do! Exercising helps me (and many others) to boost energy which is a fantastic all-natural way to feel energized and happier!

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Aly Sanger


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