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6 Myths About Menstrual Cups


There are lots of misconceptions circulating about menstrual cups. Here are six of the most common inaccuracies we’ve heard and the facts. Read on to learn more.

Myth: Menstrual cups are painful to insert and hurt when inside…
Fact: When properly inserted, a menstrual cup will be hardly noticeable inside the body. There is a learning curve for first time users, but a menstrual cup should not be painful to insert. For tips on using your menstrual cup for the first time, check out this blog post.

Myth: Because they’re internal, they put you at risk for TSS…
Fact: Tampons play a huge role in TSS, and much of that has to do with the absorbent materials tampons are made of. Because most menstrual cups are made using medical grade materials and are not absorbent, the risk of TSS has not been linked with menstrual cup use.

Myth: Menstrual cups can be used during sex for protection…
Fact: Menstrual cups and female condoms are two completely different products. A menstrual cup is not intended for use during sex as most menstrual cups have a stem and do not contain any spermicide. Flipping your cup upside down for insertion (stem inward) is not recommended and could pose risks.

Myth: Menstrual cups can be cleaned using any soap…
Fact: Your menstrual cup goes inside your body, so products used on the cup should be specially formulated for vaginal use. Many cleaners (such as hand soap, dish soap, etc.) are too harsh for use on your menstrual cup. In addition, NEVER use bleach or other household cleaners on your menstrual cup. For tips on cleaning your menstrual cup, please visit this blog post.

Myth: I’m a virgin, so I can’t use a menstrual cup…
Many women, even virgins, safely use menstrual cups. In fact, most menstrual cup companies carry two sizes, one for women under 30/no vaginal childbirth and a second size for women over 30/have given birth vaginally. It is important to recognize that all bodies are different, so while menstrual cups can be comfortably worn by many women (including virgins) there is a learning curve for first time use, and some women prefer other reusable alternatives such as cloth pads.

Myth: A menstrual cup suctions out your IUD when you remove it…
Fact: Generally, there are few issues when using a menstrual cup with an IUD. When removing your menstrual cup you must first “break the seal” by gently squeezing the base or rim of the cup, so suction should not be an issue. Rarely, an IUD will dislodge when using a menstrual cup, but there are often other factors involved when this occurs. Please discuss all possibilities with your medical care provider to find out if a menstrual cup is right for you.

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