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Body hair has grown to be quite the hairy topic lately – people either love it and are proud or they hate it. We’ve seen colored armpits, proud natural legs, and even men shaping and modeling their facial hair. Body hair has become a pretty hot topic! Let’s examine the Pros and Cons of each…

Pros of No Body Hair

If you don’t like the look of body hair, shaving may be the natural choice. What are the pros to shaving? This depends on your personal preference. One personal preference is smooth skin – some women love the look and feel of a freshly shaven leg (or other body part). Smooth skin also limits where sweat may get trapped, and it requires far less time to groom and keep clean once shaved – there’s nothing there to worry about. Many athletes also find smooth skin a benefit helping them move quicker and easier in their sport.

Cons of No Body Hair

Ingrown hairs, irritation, stubble, knicks – ouch! One of the biggest complaints of shaving is the battle wounds and aftermath of the whole process. Always use extra care when shaving in sensitive parts as these tend to be the areas more prone to injury. Harmful chemicals is also part of the process – shaving cream and aftershave being the two biggest offenders. If you have sensitive skin, you’re even more likely to experience these painful issues.

Pros of Body Hair

Besides not dealing with the above issues of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc., when you skip shaving you save tons of money. Razors are expensive and produce a ton of waste. Let’s not forget how much time you save every day by not shaving. Shaving is time consuming – what will you do with all that extra money and time you’ve saved? Plus – dying your armpit hair has become a fashion trend – what color would you dye yours?

Cons of Body Hair

It’s possible when not shaving that your hair can become knotted or tangled if it grows long enough. Fuzzball’s and mats caught in your hair can be very uncomfortable and difficult to groom. In addition, some claim that sweat gets trapped in the hair leading to smell – this may be a personal experience that varies based on hygiene. Overall, not shaving may require more grooming. Plus, even if you choose not to shave you may opt to trim regularly – this can be just as time consuming as shaving.

Do you shave or not shave? Do you have a pro or con not listed above? Let us know! Tell us in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!

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