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Breastfeeding Pads (Nursing Pads)


Important Points to Select Breastfeeding Pads

Modern day science has managed to develop some of the most amazing things that can fulfill the needs and requirements of modern mother. There are a number of new moms who believe in breastfeeding and so they opt for breastfeeding pads that are designed to soak up any excess amount of milk that flows at the time of feeding their infant baby. There are a number of new moms who find breastfeeding very much inconvenience especially when feeding their baby outdoors or in public due to the overflow of milk from their nipples. This is exactly where breastfeeding pads come into play as these pads are designed such that they soak up any excess amount of milk that leaks during feeding their babies.

This process of milk leaking certainly might reduce with time but there are a number of motherfs who might have to face this problem for prolonged periods of time and so for such moms breastfeeding becomes a very difficult task. Even if breastfeeding is entirely new experience for most new moms, still for few this experience can be a nightmare and troublesome time. With time, there are chances that nipples might in fact become soared and get cracked and this can always lead to a condition that is termed as mastitis which is very much painful.

Benefits of using Organic Cotton Breastfeeding Pads

Selecting the right type of breastfeeding pads certainly depends a lot on the personal preference of individual mothers. There are a number of new moms who prefer using 100% organic cotton pads whereas others prefer disposable pads. If you are making use of disposable pads then you might not be able to make use of them for a longer period of time. When selecting 100% organic cotton breastfeeding pads there are a number of benefits associated with it.

  • They are made up of materials that are very much durable and comfortable.
  • They are made to support nipples and are designed to contour the perfect shape of breast.
  • The material used in making these pads is very much soft and contain lanolin that protects the nipples and provide with perfect hygiene.
  • They do not cause irritation to nipples as they can be washed over a period of time unlike disposable pads.
  • Even if the pads are damp they can be washed and dried and then reused offering perfect protection.
  • They are more environmental friendly.
Disadvantages of using Disposable Pads

  • They can not be washed and used, so they are not very much hygienic.
  • They are made up of plastic materials and/or include chemicals such as bleaches; it might cause irritation when used for longer periods of time.
  • They need to be replaced after few hours and so they are not very much environmental friendly.
Points to consider when purchasing Breastfeeding Pads

  • You need to ensure if it is perfect fit depending on your breast size.
  • Always ensure that it is not made up of any irritating material.
  • Is it made up of soft material that can help treat sore nipples.

Washable pads are generally made up of materials that are 100% organic and gentle to skin. You also have to ensure that even if using for longer periods of time the pads stays dry and soft. You can also wash reusable pads in washing machine along with other delicate cloths. The pads should be best suited for any weather conditions without harming your skin.
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