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Sckoon Stick -N- Snap Machine Washable Merino Wool Diaper Cover

Sckoon Stick -N- Snap Machine Washable Merino Wool Diaper Cover
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Made of the best quality Australian merino wool, this double-layered wool cover is naturally water-repellent, breathable and absorbent. Its soft, 'non-itchy' wool felt comfortable in both winter and summer; it is an excellent choice for preventing diaper rash. Die-hard Velcro closures plus 3 snaps on each side (newborn and small size come with 2 snaps on each side) - that means easy to adjust as your baby grows, and it holds tight even with a lot of movement. The super durable elastic leg gussets are soft for skin and provide a custom fit. The only fitted wool diaper cover comes in with fold-back-tub to avoid stickeness during laundry.

"Natural, breathable felted wool is cool in summer and warm in winter. This hook and loop closing wrap also snaps in sizes medium and up. They are not exactly the same but very similar. This comes up high enough to accommodate fitted diapers, but it is not at all baggy through the rear, so it also provides a great no-slip fit for unpinned prefold diapers! If you don't pin your prefolds, and you love the breathability of wool, this is the right cover to choose. It's a very well-designed, great fitting high quality cover. The really great thing about this is it can be washed in your washing machine. Expect some shrinkage if you choose that method, but it's felted and durable enough to handle gentle machine washing!"
Made in Japan.

S 3.0-8.5kg 7.9-17lb
M 8-11 kg 15-22 lb
L 10-14 kg 20-26 lb

Wool is best: great at containing messes and smells, breathable, re-usable, works for mobile and active babies, December 13, 2012

By Diana(United States)

This diaper cover is great. I've been cloth diapering my twins, using mostly two-in-one systems, and I find that wool covers are the best. Wool has wonderful properties: it is breathable and self-sanitizing. It does not hold smells when just wet. Unless soiled, it does not need to be washed for a long time, but of course it needs to be re-lanolized periodically. Besides being made of wool, this particular cover has the following advantages:

* it has double gussets, which are great for containing any possible blow-outs * it is thin enough to be fast drying
* it has snaps in addition to velcro, so an older baby isn't going to be able to just take it off
* it is on the trimmer side
* it allows mobile babies to move around comfortably
* it has been successfully used overnight
* the tag is on the outside, which means it's not going to absorb smells
* for those practicing Elimination Communication (EC), it can be pulled down to use a potty
* it is a wrap-style cover, so almost anything can be used inside (please note that microfiber shouldn't be touching a baby's skin though); on different occasions I have used it with origami-folded flats, hemp doublers/inserts, prefolds and fitted diapers, all with fleece liners for stay-dry feeling and to avoid diaper rash.

On the negative side, it is not as soft as many knit wool covers are, but in my opinion the advantages far outweigh this disadvantage.

Very nice wool cover, February 26, 2011

By Mommy_2_3 (United States)

I have this wool cover in a size large for my 14 month old baby. I love how this fits. It can easily be adjusted for either a tall & thin baby or one with chunky thighs. In fact, my baby has a very round butt, but fairly thin legs and this fits very well.

Before I began using wool, I had always used either Thirsties, Bummis, Prowraps or cheap pull up covers because I had a hard time believing that wool could actually be waterproof. While I wouldn't have wanted these in the beginning since we were always getting breastfed poo on the cover - I love these now and wish I would have purchased these as soon as my baby started solids.

These don't leak whatsoever. Today, my daughter drank a bottle of juice while wearing a flatfold diaper - and the diaper was completely soaked. However, the cover didn't have any outside wetness at all. It was crazy. I also like how soft and breathable these are.

Love the covers, November 6, 2010

Sckoon makes a great wool diaper cover. You can throw them in the washer and dryer with your dirty diapers. Have yet to deal with leakage problems, unlike other products I've used. This is the second size I've purchased.


Sckoon Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper Cover

Sckoon Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper Cover

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