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Sckoon Organic Cotton Reusable & Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Why Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads?

Why is organic cotton so important?

Sckoon Cloth Menstrual Pads are made of softest Egyptian organic cotton and certified as organic cotton products. .Do you know conventional cotton is the most contaminated crop in the whole world?

  • To make one regular (it means non-organic) cotton pad set, it takes about one third of a pound of chemicals, such as chlorine, pesticides, dioxins, and heavy metals including chromium to fix colors. Chromium is considered dangerous to people, wildlife, and also is damaging to the earth.

  • your skin can absorb those substances; think about skin cream, contraception patches and nicotine patches. The chemicals go right through the skin to reach your blood stream.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 53 million pounds of pesticides and 1.6 billion pounds of synthetics were used in cotton production in 1996. Cotton, which constitutes 3% of the world cropland, uses about 23% of the world's insecticides to grow it.

    As certified by Demeter, Sckoon Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads meat the highest standards of organic regulations. They are 100% pure, healthy and comfortable.
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