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Sckoon Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper Cover


Specially patented waterproofing makes this a remarkable cover! Supersoft, durable yet lightweight cotton 100%, waterproofed without the uncomfortable feel of plastic. The surface treatment is the same substance used for teeth treatments. Unlike commonly used polyurethane laminate, it is perfectly breathable just like wool material, allowing evaporation to discourage rash. Pants style makes this cover easy to change.

Even after 300 washes, its softness, breathablity and the ability to keep moisture is intact. When you need something trim fitting under a cute outfit, this light, pull-up cover is ideal. It's a thinner and lighter material than the typical PUL laminate covers.
Made in Japan.
Small 6.6 - 17 pounds
Medium 15 - 22 pounds
Large 20 - 26 pounds

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