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Sckoon Organic Cotton Ninja Kimono


Sckoon 100% Egyptian Organic cotton

This soothingly soft, 100% Egyptian organic cotton kimono provides plenty of flexibility and comfort. It protects the most sensitive skin. The stitches are sown outside to avoid direct contact with baby's skin, lessening chances of irritation. All snaps are nickel-free. .

No Chemicals Sckoon products are made of certified organic cotton; picked by hand and spun without the use of any chemicals. It is safe and irritant-free for your baby's most sensitive and tender skin.

100% Egyptian cotton World famous extra long fibers that bring exceptional softness and strength. The more washes, the softer it gets; your baby will love the comfort.

Easy Care Just throw it in your washing machine! 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton requires no special care, except avoiding high temperature when washed & dried.

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