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Sckoon Organic Cotton Extra Flat Liner Set (2 pac) for Sckoon Cloth Menstrual Pads - Mini


How to use cloth menstrual pads

Demeter Certified Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads Extra Liner Set (Mini Size)

A set of two cerified organic cotton liners used for Sckoon Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Mini Pads or Sckoon No Leak Cotton Cloth Menstrual Mini Pads.
100% certified organic cotton down to the threads
Un-dyed and un-bleached
A set of 2 liners
Size 7.5" x 7.5" (19 cm x 19 cm)
100% Egyptian organic cotton, made in Egypt

The Comfort Promise
Say goodbye to the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposable pads and hello to comfort. Sckoon pads feel like just another layer of super soft underwear, leaving you free to forget all about adhesives ruining your good lingerie or sticking to you and your clothing. Sckoon products snap easily into place and wonft shift or move around, giving you reliability as well as ease of use.

Dyes, chemicals and pesticides? No thank you!
Sckoon Organic Cotton Pads are made of 100% certified organic Egyptian cotton, which is grown without harmful pesticides, hand picked and treated without the use of any chemicals, and certified by the International Certification Board, Demeter. Egyptian organic cotton is known worldwide as the most luxurious cotton available; with its extra-long fibers, it is incredibly soft, super-absorbent, breathable and durable. But we donft stop with the fabric at Sckoon. All our thread is 100% organic cotton too, and the snaps a nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions.

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