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Menstrual Cup Folds

How to Fold Menstrual Cup

While folded, the menstrual cup is inserted, into the lower vagina but beyond the pubic bone. When released, the cup unfolds and is held in position by a seal formed by the walls of the vagina and pressure from the vaginal muscles. You can try different folding methods and find the best one for you. We have added the most common problems when using different folds in the instructions.

"C-fold" or "Heart fold"

"C-fold" or "Heart fold" is the basic fold that most women use. Sometimes it might be too wide and cup not easy to pop open.

"Punch down fold" or "Shell fold"

"Punch down fold" or "Shell fold" is the folding method that most younger women use. The cup is smaller to insert but depending on unique anatomy this fold might be difficult to get open.

"7 fold" or "Triangle fold"

"7 fold" or "Triangle fold" is a nice fold if you have problems to get the cup in. There also might be problems to get the cup open correctly with this fold.

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