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  Start by washing your hands and SckoonCup with warm water and a mild, unscented soap to remove lint and dust. Rinse well.

Next, hold the cup with the stem pointing down and fold your SckoonCup in on itself as shown in the illustration.


2.  カップの側面を軽く押して、そこからさらに折り曲げ、上から見た時に"U"のかたちになるように折り曲げます。

Squeeze the cup flat, then fold in half so that the rim makes a “U” shape



  Position yourself comfortably, either sitting on the toilet, or squatting. Gently separate your labia with your free hand. Hold the cup firmly in its folded position with your dominant hand and insert your SckoonCup into vagina aiming it toward your tailbone (located at the base of your spine). Continue inserting until the stem is even with the vaginal opening. Menstrual cups are designed to sit lower in the vagina than a tampon, but beyond the pelvic bone.


4.  折り曲げたスクーンカップが膣内で開くよう、つまみ部分をゆっくりと引っ張るように動かしたり、あるいはカップの底の部分をひと指し指と親指でつまんで回して、カップが開くのが’感じられるようにします。

Once the cup is in place, rotate it so it opens. Grip the base of the cup and turn. It must rotate to ensure that it is fully open. For comfort, you may trim the stem to make it shorter, but do not remove entirely, and be careful not to damage the cup.



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