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Menstrual cups


Women are always in a try to find smarter ways to spend lives, let us talk about menstruation and the disposable pads used in it. Some women understand the effect of using disposable pads and try to minimize the usage by finding different alternatives. Menstruation pads are responsible for creating a lot of wastage on daily basis and if women start using some better alternatives, it would be good for the society especially where there is no good system for disposing things. There are many reasons why women should use menstruation cup instead of pads, here we will discuss a few.

Economic benefits:
There would definitely be economic benefits of using a menstrual cup instead of disposable pads. Disposable pads are able to use for only one time, however a menstrual cup can be used for years! If you even use the menstrual cup for one year, it would be much more economical as compared to menstrual pads. It is more economical when you are traveling to far areas. At that time, it would be difficult for you to carry a set of pads. You can carry one single menstrual cup easily and anywhere.

Clinically better option:
It is healthier as compared to pad, because it just takes the menstrual flow and does not affect any other thing in your body. It does not absorb other materials like the menstruation pad does! That is why it is way healthier as compared to disposable things which work as absorbents. The comfort level is different for different women, but it is surveyed and found that menstruation cup is more convenient than using the disposable pads. Disposable pad also gets dirty quickly and with a menstruation cup, you can spend more time.

Environment friendly:
Last but not least, menstruation cup also saves the environment in one or another way. There are plenty of menstruation disposable pads that are used every day and there is no proper mechanism of disposing them off especially in third world countries. Using a menstruation cup is a better option; it saves the environment and brings you to a better comfort level as well.

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