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SckoonCup, your period will be a breeze!

Natural Relief For Period Cramps & PMS

by Sckoon.com • April 2017

PMS - OUCH! That achy, sore, fatigued feeling you get that takes over your entire body and often times makes it so you don't even want to move. I feel ya! My favorite pair of baggy sweatpants and a bowl of PB & Chocolate Ice Cream become my new best friends when PMS strikes. So how can we relieve these symptoms naturally? Read on for some great suggestions! Read More

When Should I Replace My Menstrual Cup?

by Sckoon.com • March 2017

Menstrual cups are a HUGE blessing when it comes to reusable products. Which brings a very important question to mind - how can you tell when it's time to replace old faithful? Read More

Are you considering purchasing a menstrual cup? FREE: The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Buyers Guide

by Sckoon.com • February 2017

Are you considering purchasing a menstrual cup? FREE: The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Buyers Guide Read More

Reduce Your Waste In The New Year

by Sckoon.com • December 2016

Another year has passed and you may have started jotting down your resolutions. Looking to reduce your waste in the new year? Here's a few tips to help get you started! Read More

Everything you need to know about reusable cloth menstrual pads

by Sckoon.com • November 2016

If you are considering switching for your health and the health of our environment, read on and learn everything you need to know about using reusable cloth menstrual pads. Read More

Why Menstrual Cups Are Better For Your Body Then Tampons

by Sckoon.com • October 2016

When many are asked if they know what the tampons they are wearing have been manufactured from, some guess cotton but most folks simply do not know.  Unfortunately, the majority of tampons are NOT made of only cotton or organic material. Are you wondering if there is a better way yet? Read More

Are Menstrual Cups Safe to Use?

by Sckoon.com • October 2016

It is normal to feel cautious whenever we try something new – especially if it’s something we are using in our bodies.   Menstrual cups are very safe to use as it is worn inside the vagina during menstruation.  Unlike tampons and pads which absorb your menstrual fluids, a menstrual cup collects the fluid.   Read More

Menstrual Cups - What is it like to wear one?

by Sckoon.com • September 2016

Menstrual cups are the preferred method for that time of the month for many of us and the reasons vary from being environmentally friendly to the security of knowing you won’t have an accident. But what does it FEEL like? Great question! Read More

Menstrual Cups Equal Monthly Zen Moments

by Sckoon.com • September 2016

Menstrual cups are definitely shining in the spotlight these days.  Menstrual cups have been around for years but now they’re being used more than ever – and for good reason too.  Menstrual cups are safely crafted of medicinal quality silicone and easy to use. Plus they may be used over and over for several years which makes them much more ecofriendly and cost effective than tampons or menstrual pads.  Read More

How To Choose A Safe Menstrual Cup

by Sckoon.com • August 2016

Thinking of buying a menstrual cup? Before you buy one, there are a few things to consider so that your menstrual cup choice is a safe one and works for you. Read More

Menstrual Cups: Five Unexpected Benefits When You Make The Switch

by Sckoon.com • August 2016

When I first made the switch to cloth pads it was enlightening. When I embraced my first menstrual cup I was forever changed. Read More

How To: Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup [Video]

by Sckoon.com • July 2016

New to menstrual cups and not sure how to go about cleaning them? A cup full of blood can be difficult to address when it's time to clean it. Here's a quick guide to help get you started - make sure you also check out our video at the end to see how it's done! Read More

Vegetarian Living with Meat Eaters? 5 Tips For Going Vegetarian

by Sckoon.com • July 2016

Are you a vegetarian living with meat eaters? Want to go vegetarian but have roommates? Or perhaps you’re under 18 and still going to school? Read More

How To: Picking The Right Menstrual Cup for You

by Sckoon.com • June 2016

Having a hard time figuring out which menstrual cup is right for you? 

  • Check out YouTube! There are tons of YouTube vloggers out there with tons of reviews available to help you pick the cup that is right for you. Don't take the advice from only one vlogger - make sure to check out multiple reviews and comparisons, and keep in mind what works great for one person might not work well for another - every body is different.
Read More

Vegan Recipe Roundup! Our Top 5 Favorite Comfort Food Recipes!

by Sckoon.com • June 2016

Since going vegan over a year ago there have been tons of foods I missed (cheese and chocolate being biggies!). Fortunately, we have this thing called the Internet to help us out! Over the past year I have stumbled onto TONS of vegan recipes, but I have to say, the following five are definitely my all time favorites for comfort food! Read More
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