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New To Menstrual Cups? The Ultimate Starter Guide!

by Sckoon.com • June 2017

If you're new to menstrual cups, you may be wondering where to start? Here at Sckoon, we want to help you be as informed as possible! That's why we've pulled together all the great resources we have throughout our website in to one space.

First things first, you may be wondering what SIZE to get? Menstrual cups can look intimidating - if you don't fold them, they appear a lot wider than a tampon. You may find yourself wondering "THAT goes WHERE????" 

Here's the good news - menstrual cups should be made using soft, safe materials that can bend, fold, and move with your body. Practice one of our suggested fold techniques (listed below), and you'll see just how small your Sckooncup can get:

Perfect! Now that we've picked a menstrual cup fold (we recommend starting with one of the first three listed above), we now need to learn how to insert and remove our cup. 

Inserting and removing takes time. It's recommended you give your new cup (and yourself) about 3 months for trial and error. It's also recommended you DO NOT try inserting your menstrual cup for the first time as a "dry run." We know you may be tempted, but inserting your cup may be easier on a heavier flow day. For more information on inserting and removing your cup, head to our How To Insert & Remove A Menstrual Cup blog post.

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about a few of the questions you may have in our FAQ's below.

Ready to buy your first menstrual cup? Download our FREE menstrual cup guide by going to our blog post: Are you considering purchasing a menstrual cup? FREE: The Ultimate Menstrual Cup Buyers Guide!

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