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What is Menstrual Cup?

12 Hour Protection

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You Won't Feel A Thing!

No Leaks, No Smells & No Irritation!

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Tiny Yet Powerfull!

ECO Friendly, Sustainable

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Last for years. Save Time and Money

You will use on average 15,000 sanitary napkins in a lifetime, and spend hours buying them. With one click, Just buy one SckoonCup, it will last over 5 years and save you on average $250 per year compared to disposables.

Supported by Women In Over 38 Countries

Since its launch in 2013, SckoonCup has been distributed in 38 countries and is one of the most trusted menstrual cups by women globally.

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100% Organic Cotton Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Live to Your Fullest Potential

There is nothing you can't do with SckoonCup.

Swim, Hike, Bike, Skydive and Travel worry free with SckoonCup!

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How to Use SckoonCup

Hold it

First wash your hands and SkoonCup with oil-free frangrance-free Soap. Hold your SckoonCup and ensure that the stem is pointing down. Fold the rim of your cup inwards and down towards the cup's bottom.

Fold it

Fold your cup to make a “U shape” with the rim. Read More Folding Oprtions


While squatting, insert your SckoonCup in your vaginal canal angling it towards the tailbone. Make sure that the cup is not going past the cervix or sitting right next to it.  Read More 

Rotate to Seal

Ensure that the cup is fully popped open by holding the base and rotating it a full 360 degrees in either direction. Read More

How to remove menstrual cup

Wash your hands and take a squatting position.

All You Need Is A Few Seconds.

Pinch the flower ridged base of Sckooncup with your index finger and thumb. Squeeze the base of the Sckooncup until you begin to feel a release of suction. Wiggle Sckooncup sideways while pulling down. Make sure you aren't pulling from the stem.

Don't Pull The Stem!

Be sure not to pull SckoonCup by the stem, this will cause the contents to spill. The main function of the stem is to guide your fingers to the base of the cup so you can pull the cup out by the flower shaped ridged base of SckoonCup.

SckoonCup unique original design No Poking Stem is soft and flexible that bends with your body. 

Beginner's Starter Guide

If you're new to menstrual cup you may be wondering where to start. Here at Sckoon, we want to help you be as informed as possible! That's why we've pulled together all the great resources we have throughout our website in to one space. Go To Guide

SckoonCup Development Story

Our unique design was created by Sckoon, an NYC based organic brand, since 2001. Sckoon spent 3 years in R&D working with hundreds of women to improve the issues with existing menstrual cups. The result was a softer, smoother, smaller menstrual cup that maintained its high capacity. Many women reported that SckoonCup is more comfortable than tampons. Engineered for functionality and unparalleled comfort, Sckoon menstrual cup keeps your period simple, clean and worry-free.


Perfect Fit For All Your Lifestyles

Only At Night

To sleep soundly all night, insert it in the evening, and get up in the morning to remove it.

For Active Hours

For active life, on the shore or in the water.

For Heavy Days

For heavy days, SckoonCup will protect you from leakage. It is small but engineered to be high capacity.

For Every Day Life

All you need is one SckoonCup for both light and heavy days. Save money and save time.

For Going Out

SckoonCup will provide 12 hour protection for those days where you're on the go.

No Time For Bathroom?

Busy women find SckoonCup especially convenient. Enjoy a leakage free period all day long.

Just Like A No Period Day

365 Days of Comfort

Outstanding Technology

Smoother Outer Curve

SckoonCup’s suction holes are moulded into the cup – not added later by piercing the wall vertically. This leaves the cup's outer wall surface completely smooth, without any sharp, uncomfortable edges or problems with clogging. Read More

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Small, Yet High Capacity

SckoonCup’s suction holes are  are designed to angle almost to the rim, allowing SckoonCup a higher capacity even if it feels smaller than other cups.

No poking Stem!

Unlike other menstrual cup's stiff stems, SckoonCup's unique original "No Poking Stem" is soft and flexible and bends with your body. 

All Night Long Comfort

Fit Your Active Style

Fit For All Ages!

Medical Grade, Bio Tested

How to Choose Size ?

SckoonCup size 1 is 1.6 inches in diameter, 1.8 inches in cup length, and the stem is 1.0 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 1 can hold 23ml of fluid. Normal to Medium flow.

SckoonCup size 2 is 1.8 inches in diameter, 2.0 inches in cup length, and the stem is 0.8 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 2 can hold 30ml of fluid. Medium to Heavy Flow.

Read Basic Rules when you Choose

Customer Reviews

The Safest Menstrual Cup

Trusted by OBGYN

Among numerous menstrual cups, obstetricians and gynecologists recommend USA-made FDA Approved Medical Grade Silicone cups. Also a Cup that has been “Cleared" for sale by the FDA, not just “Registered”. Clearance by the FDA is a further assurance that a cup brand is good quality, as it has undergone FDA testing/regulation processes. Few in market menstrual cup brands Cleared FDA  READ MORE

Developed Based on 300 Voices

In developing SckoonCup, we solved the difficulties of existing menstrual cups  based on the voices of 300 monitors. The result is a menstrual cup that is soft and smooth, guards firmly despite its compact size. 

Know Your Body

Another advantage of the menstrual cup is to be able to watch the monthly amount of menstrual flow as well as its condition. It helps early with the detection of disease or abnormalities. 

Live Your Best Life Now!


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