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Sckoon Who?



Life should be fun

We know you don't think comfort and reliability should be boring, and neither do we. Our trademark style is whimsy, with a bit of creative flourish thrown in for color and excitement. Not to mention our unconventional ways. Where else will you find a dog kimono? Bold prints, bright colors made with environmentally friendly dyes, and Japanese Ninja Kimonos on baby clothes are some of the fun things you'll find at Sckoon. Designed for fun, designed for you.

A growing company Since 2002

Our customers love Sckoon products so much we can't help but grow. We currently have distribution in over 38 countries and 2300 stores, and we're expanding every day. But becoming the largest organic company is not our only goal. We want to be the best. You can be sure that as we develop, we're keeping our core values in check.

For You, for Us, for Everyone

The health of our customers, our dedicated employees, and the planet is one of the largest concerns at Sckoon. That's why the only cotton we use is organic. We're a leading organic cotton brand, with over twelve years of experience and extensive product lines for women, babies, and pets.

As we seek new and innovative ways, and create new products, our customer's health and well-being is always at the heart of everything we do at Sckoon. Because our roots are as an organic company, it was a natural choice to select the safest material for our menstrual cup, too. SckoonCup is made in USA  FDA cleared, with FDA approved medical grade silicone and approved dyes. We know you're making conscious choices about your health and the environment, and we're here to make those choices easy, responsible and fun for you. Choose Sckoon for yourself, for us, for everyone.