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10 Items You Can Ditch To Reduce Your Waste!

Looking for more ways to lessen the amount of trash you produce? Look no more! Here are ten items you can ditch to help lessen the amount of waste you toss every year.

10. Disposable Diapers
Replacement? Cloth Diapers
You've probably heard about cloth diapers a time or two before, but did you know there are TONS of options out there? Stop tossing disposable diapers in landfills (which sometimes takes hundreds of years to decompose, if not longer. Some disposable diapers contain plastic pieces) - switch to cloth!

9. Plastic Snack Bags
Replacement? Reusable Snack Bags
Reusable snack baggies are usually made using safe cloth and food safe liners, to help keep your food perfectly portioned.

8. Paper Towels 
Replacement? Unpaper Towels
Unpaper towels are a fantastic item - soft, absorbent cloth towels sewn with snaps so they can be rolled up and placed on a paper towel holder. No more throwing paper towels away!

7. Plastic Saran Wrap
Replacement? Beeswax Wrap or Cloth Bowl Wraps
There are tons of cloth bowl wraps available, but one fun replacement for Saran wrap is beeswax wrap! Super sticky and seals in food. Only downside? Beeswax wrap can leave a smell when first using.

6. Plastic Bottles
Replacement? Reusable Water Bottles
We're all ditching the plastic, but one key item to ditch are plastic water bottles. This one you've probably heard before - limiting the amount of bottled water we purchase - but what about skipping the reusable plastic water bottles as well and opting for glass?

5. Garbage Bags
Replacement? Composting Trash Bags
Did you know there are trash bags available that break down in compost? Yup! No more plastic garbage bags sitting in landfills for hundreds of year - once you limit how much waste you're producing, you can take it a step further with a composting trash bag.

4. Plastic Grocery Bags
Replacement? Reusable Bags or a Reusable Basket
This one is pretty common - ditching your plastic grocery bags with cloth reusable bags. Another option is a cloth shopping basket - bring it with you in the store and fill it up! 

3. Cleaning Wipes
Replacement? Make Your Own!
There are tons of disposable cleaning wipes available (all in plastic tubs and loaded with harsh chemicals). Instead, you can use towels, cut to size, and create your own cleaning solution. Super easy and limits waste!

2. Face Wipes
Replacement? Cloth Rounds
We mentioned unpaper towels earlier, another item you can use are cloth face rounds! Soft on gentle skin and easy to clean - just toss them in the wash, using safe detergent and avoid harsh chemicals.

1. Of course - Disposable Tampons & Pads!
Replacement? Menstrual Cups & Cloth Pads
You knew we weren't going to leave this one off the list! Menstrual cups and cloth pads not only save you from tossing trash every month, they also save you money!

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