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Why Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads?

cloth menstrual pad

For the environment.

Cloth menstrual products are good for the earth. Disposable pads don’t biodegrade (or at least, they take hundreds of years to do so) and are full of chemicals that can leach into the landfills. Even the more environmentally friendly brands (such as Seventh Generation) can’t come close to cloth when it comes to environmental benefits. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, keeping harmful chemicals out of the soil and by extension out of the water supply. Likewise, no chemicals are necessary to sew the pads together, unlike the manufacture of disposable pads. The benefits continue for the duration of your use of the products. Every time you use one of our organic cotton pads, that’s one disposable that isn’t in a landfill. You can use each pad dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of times!

Organic Cotton

For your health.
Many women switch to cloth because they don’t want chemicals touching their bodies. Disposable pads are so absorbent that they can take away your body’s natural moisture. That can be uncomfortable, not to mention potentially harmful! Many women also find that cloth pads feel better against their skin and sit better under their clothing.

For your wallet.
Cloth menstrual products may seem expensive until you consider the re-usability. A single purchase of enough pads to get through one period, or even one or two days of a period, will last for years. No more running to the drugstore when it’s least convenient! You will always have a supply of comfortable, environmentally and health friendly pads.

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