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Do I Need Organic Clothing?


We all understand the benefits of eating organic products. But you may be asking yourself “Do I really need to buy organic baby clothing?” The answer is yes. Organic clothing protects their precious skin from exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes. (Remember, the skin is our body’s largest organ and it absorbs toxins.) But also, buying organic clothing protects the environment from the harsh realities of cotton farming. Consider this: cotton farmers in the United States use 600,000 tons of pesticides and fertilizers every year. 600,000 tons. Just sends a shiver down your spine, doesn’t it? Organic clothes are produced using an environmentally friendly process that causes far less contamination to the soil and water.

Organic cotton is produced without using harmful fertilizers and insecticides. No more worries about your baby’s sensitive skin. Not to mention the unease that takes over when we witness out teething baby’s love of sucking on their sleeves. The entire Sckoon collection is made of fair-trade 100% organic cotton and is dyed with low-impact dyes that are gentle to the skin. These products are produced in Egypt, India, and Japan, and certified by Demeter (international certification board) . Organic clothing is a boon to your baby’s health and to Mother Earth.

Sckoon organic cotton baby tank, pants & hooded towel Green Pear Print

If you are the type of loving parent who makes sure that your child is eating wholesome foods, then take the time to look into organic clothing, diapers, toys, and accessories too. And don’t forget your pooch! Sckoon has organic gifts for pets too!

Aly Sanger


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