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Breastfeeding and Organic Cotton

Is there a connection between breastfeeding and buying organic? There might be. Conscientious moms who want the best for their babies often breastfeed, and I’ve noticed that moms who breastfeed tend to buy organic.

I’ve always bought organic food whenever possible, but it’s only recently that I’ve started buying organic cotton. In fact, my awareness of organic clothing began around the time my son was born, going on four years ago. He nursed for three years and wore cloth diapers until he potty trained. Now I have a baby daughter, and I am trying to dress her in organic cotton whenever I can. Like her brother, she nurses exclusively.
handle difficulties breastfeeding newborn
Breastfeeding is a great way for bonding Breastfeeding came easily for me. I know that’s not true for every woman and I wish it were. There is a ton of support available now, more than perhaps ever before. Websites like Kelly Mom and Ask Dr. Sears are available 24/7 to help troubleshoot and to encourage women when just a few years ago we were all being told to switch to bottles if nursing was difficult. Many pediatricians are educating themselves, and the AAP guidelines have nearly caught up to the WHO guidelines (AAP recommends breastfeeding one year while WHO recommends two). Even clothing manufacturers are starting to catch up! The first time around, my nursing bras were ugly and uncomfortable. This time, they are pretty and comfy.


I did not have any serious problems, such as undersupply, but breastfeeding has had its challenges along the way. One of my babies was not very efficient at the breast, taking 45 minutes to fill up for the first six weeks or so (after that, fortunately, it only took about 10 minutes). With both babies, I have leaked for the first three months or so while my body adjusts to the baby’s supply need. With my second baby, I had trouble finding nursing positions that were easy on my back and needed to use a nursing pillow at first, which I had not done with my first. If I’d known I would need one, I would have had time to find an organic version; as it is, I borrowed one from a friend, which is a nice low-impact alternative.

Breast Feeding

What challenges has breastfeeding presented you with? How have you solved them? What would make it easier for you?


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