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Cloth Pads from Sckoon Organic

I started using cloth pads after my son was born, nearly four years ago. Since we already used cloth diapers, it seemed the logical step to take—why would I use disposable for me when I wouldn’t for him?

I bought a few pads at my health food store to try, and found that I liked the system but the pads were not quite the right size/shape for me. Luckily, my mom offered to make me some. She used the pads I’d bought as a template and changed them to my specifications. But not everyone has my mom to sew for them! Luckily there are many types of cloth pads available for sale on the Internet.

Cloth pads from Sckoon

I have been trying the different varieties Sckoon Organic sells and I am in love! They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the absorbency is adjustable. Best of all, they are made of the softest organic cotton I have ever touched.

Not only are they made entirely of organic cotton and dyed only with environmentally friendly dyes, but the snaps are nickel-free and hypoallergenic—not an issue for me but I know for many people it is very important! There is more information about the uniqueness of Sckoon pads at the cloth pads FAQ page.

Cloth pads from Sckoon

These pads are designed so that the absorbent insert can be replaced without having to change the entire pad. I can tell that there will be times (during my heaviest flow) that I may have to change the entire pad, but most of the time I will not. I am stocking up on extra inserts! I love being able to control how absorbent the pad is and adjust as I go.

As silly as it may seem, I am also excited by the pretty prints on the cotton fabric! Sure, no one but me will see them. That’s okay; I like pretty.

Cloth pads from Sckoon

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