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Eco Friendly Travel Tips


Protecting the environment at home has become a way of life for many people involved in the "green" movement. But what about when you are away from home? It’s easy to be environmentally responsible while you are on vacation.

Try these six tips to help you stay greener when you travel:

1.) Hang your hotel towels to dry and ask the cleaning service to wash them only every three days. If your hotel offers daily sheet changes, request that your bedding is changed weekly instead.

2.) If you plan to rent a car, request the most fuel-efficient car available. Do research on the Internet before reserving a car and learn which rental companies carry hybrids or other fuel-efficient vehicles.


3.) Choose non-stop flights. By supporting direct flights, passengers encourage airlines to introduce more non-stop options, which use less fuel. Also, book flights with airlines that recycle their cabin waste. (Information is available online)

4.) Turn your lights, television, and air conditioner off in the hotel when you leave for daily excursions.

Eco Green Travel

5.) Whenever possible, walk or rent a bike to sightsee rather than driving a rental car.

6.) Bring your own toiletries (preferably organic) from home and leave the small packaged hotel soaps and shampoo. Those sample sizes in plastic bottles are not environmentally responsible.

Aly Sanger


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