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Organic Multi Panty-Liner From Sckoon


Using cloth menstrual pads is becoming more and more popular. And why not? Women worldwide want to protect their health and the environment and they are starting to recognize the ease of washable organic cloth pads. And to the younger generation--teens and college girls--using cloth is now the standard.

Organic cloth panty-liner Sckoon

And now, Organic Multi Panty-Liner pads from Sckoon are fresher, softer, absorbent, and more convenient to use than other panty-liners on the market.

Sckoon Organics offers the most comfortable and convenient pad available.

The Organic Multi Panty-Liner.

This is an all-in-one pad made with 100 percent certified organic Egyptian cotton with a great feature that allows you, when needed, to flip the panel to a fresher side!

Organic multi cloth panty-liner

Storing is simple and washing is easy. And for heavier days, a leak-proof sheet is available, sold separately, from Sckoon to wear with the Multi Panty-Liner for extra protection. The sheet is easily attached to the back of the liner.

Organic cloth panty-liner pads

No irritating chemicals—just soft organic silky cotton, comforting and silky to the skin. Multi Panty-Liners are available in four feminine prints--Singing Bird Blue or Singing Bird Pink plus Green Earth and Day Moon.

Aly Sanger


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