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How to Throw Green Baby Shower – Invitation

Many of us have taken our first steps toward eco-living by reducing waste in our homes, consuming organic and sustainable products, and ridding our living spaces of toxic materials and chemicals.

It only makes sense to put even more emphasis on Green living when preparing for the arrival of a baby, not only to provide them with the most natural and healthy start in life, but also to set a great example from the beginning. Here are some tips for Green Baby Shower;

Green baby shower with organic cotton baby plush toys


  • The most eco-friendly way of inviting guests is to go paperless and use online invitations, such as Evite
  • For a more formal approach, try purchasing invitations on 100% recycled paper printed with nontoxic ink.
  • If you don't want to go paperless, a new trend emerging is to use "plantable invitations" printed on special seed paper, which when planted in soil produce wildflowers! What a wonderful eco-friendly way to remember a special event in your life!
  • Use your invitations to encourage guest to package all gifts in reusable bags/baskets or organic cotton blankets.
  • Finally, you can always make homemade invitations using recycled paper and pressed flowers for an earthy organic touch.

Next step will be preparations. We'll talk about how to decorate the place and serve foods that everybody remembers. Please come back tomorrow or sign up RSS.

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