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How to Throw Green Baby Shower - Preparations


Green Baby Shower

This is our "How to Throw Green Baby Shower" part II. Here we talk about some tips about green baby shower preparations. For invitation ideas, please visit Part I - Invitation for Green Baby Shower.

  • Decorate the place with items Mom can use. To welcome guests, one idea is to string a clothesline pinned with baby clothes and toys above the front door.
  • Use small potted native plants and flowers to decorate around the room and/or as lovely center-pieces that can also be given away at the end as prizes!
  • Use soy candles to create ambiance/ mood. You can put the candles in clean baby food jars for a cute effect.
  • Instead of using a guest book, use 1 or 2 (depending on the shower size) organic cotton onesies and have guests leave messages in permanent marker with non-toxic ink (if possible!) This fabulous little “Surya” onesie is perfect to welcome the newest little one in everyone’s life! After the shower, frame the onesie (s) for mom and baby!


  • Serve fresh, organic fruit, and if possible, go to your local Farmer’s Market to pick out what is the ripest in your area! Another great idea is to use some of the same fresh, local organic fruit to make smoothies or even fresh squeezed juices.
  • To serve more elaborate food, try to choose a local restaurant specializing in organic or even organic local foods to cater the event.
  • To reduce waste, use ceramic dishes, drinking glasses, silverware, and linens, instead of opting for disposables.
  • Throw a "Casserole Shower" where guests each make one healthy, delicious casserole and put it in a dish for mom to freeze and eat during those first couple of weeks when sleep, let alone cooking is just not an option. This can be a very touching and thoughtful theme for a shower. The key here is to make sure to suggest healthy, delicious recipes using natural and organic ingredients.

Read more at Sckoon Organic "How to throw green baby shower" page.

Aly Sanger


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