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Common Houseplants That De-Toxify The Air Inside Your Home


Clean the air inside your houses simply by placing houseplants in each room!

Common houseplants have been proven to reduce pollutants inside our homes. Dangerous chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde can be present in any indoor space, causing toxic air pollution. But studies (including NASA ) have shown that houseplants purify the air, eliminating these gasses. The major sources of indoor air pollutants are building materials, household products and chemicals in everyday products we all use.

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Various studies ( "Leafy Clean: NASA-sanctioned houseplants purify indoor air" and" Using houseplants to clean indoor air" ) over the past two decades suggest that by placing 10-15 houseplants in a house of about 1,800 square feet can significantly clean the air.

So, especially at this hot and humid time of year when windows tend to shut as the AC is turned on, think about placing one or two plants in each room of your home. The following is a list of ten of the plants proven most effective:

Spider plant
Spider plant

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Weeping Fig
Ficus (weeping Fig)


Golden Pathos
Golden Pathos

Chinese Evergreen

English Ivy

Dracaena (Janet Craig or red-edged)

Gerbera Daisy

Reed Palm
Bamboo or Reed Palm

Aly Sanger


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