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Cloth Menstrual Pads Review - Organic Multi Pad


After having my second baby, I have just begun to have a period again, and it is still irregular and unpredictable. I use a menstrual cup and cloth menstrual pads, alternating between the two or using a pad for backup with the cup. Most of my pads are not waterproof, and I have not yet had any leaks, but I was nonetheless excited to try Sckoon’s Organic Multi Pad.

cloth menstrual pads - organic multi pads

I tried it out on a day that I was out of the house. The first thing I noticed was that it does not shift around like some of my smaller pads do. At no time did I feel that I needed to duck into the ladies’ room to adjust the pad. Nor does it feel too bulky, which I would have expected. Two very good things!

cloth menstrual pads - organic multi pads blue

Like all of Sckoon’s other products, the organic cotton is incredibly soft and washes clean with no special steps added to my laundry routine. There is a cute print on the back of the pad and the snap is non-allergenic nickel.

Cloth Menstrual Pads Review

The construction of this pad is different than any other I’ve used, from Sckoon and other companies as well as homemade. There is a pocket in the back for the optional waterproof liner to be inserted. (Although the liner is cotton outer, it does not touch the skin.) And the pad itself is a fold-over panel of cotton fabric that can be switched around so that a clean portion is facing your body. This was handy while I was away from home! It would also be easy to add an extra layer of absorbency by tucking another layer of fabric (such as Sckoon’s organic cotton extra liners) in the center. Or it could be used without the waterproof liner and with no extra inserts as a pantyliner.

cloth menstrual pads - organic multi pads pink

This is probably my favorite cloth menstrual pad of all the types I’ve tried. It can be customized so much that it is really perfect!

Aly Sanger


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