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Eco-Friendly Summer Party Planning

Plan Your Eco-Friendly Summer Party!

The summer entertaining season is in full swing! To plan your next party in an eco-friendly way, try these tips. Have a fun get-together and still protect Mother Earth!

*Invite your guests via a personal phone call or e-mail invitation. No more wasteful paper invites. (For ideas on e-mail invitations, take a look at Evite)

*In the interest of being green and saving money too, swap the paper plates for a set of stylish, reusable utensils and plates. You’ll never have to buy another paper plate again and eventually they’ll pay for themselves. Or, dig out your good china. Why not use it?

eco-friendly summer party

*Buy local organic products for your summer menu. Treat guests to light meals, salads, in-season fruit for dessert. Find your local farmers market and see what is fresh! For more on planning your summer menu, check out "How to Throw a Green Party".

*Use organic cotton tablecloths and napkins, widely available in stores or online. If your summer bash is a child’s party, dress the kids in safe and cool organic cotton clothing and for party favors hand out soft organic cotton bibs, hats, or plush toys! (Sckoon Organics)

organic fruites and vegetables

*Decorate with flowers from your garden. Mixed flowers in varied colors always look gorgeous as a centerpiece or strung together and hung between branches or patio/deck posts. Forget the very eco-unfriendly streamers and balloons.

*If you don’t have a shady tree in your yard, buy a shade sail cloth or large umbrella rather than plugging in outdoor fans or moving the party indoors to the air-conditioning.

eco-friendly summer party

*Keep your guests protected from the sun! The website of the Environmental Working Group has a list of the safest sunscreens to use.

For more ideas, there are plenty of resources on the web or at your bookstore. For example, check out Green Entertaining at Mom Most Traveled

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