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Go Greener By Conserving Water With These Eco-Friendly Tips!


Global warming and growing human consumption of fresh water is leading experts to predict that many of the world’s nations will have a severe water shortage within the next couple of decades.

But this is an issue that can be addressed by eco-friendly changes in our habits—every person uses water daily and if each of us cuts back a bit, water shortages could be averted. Here are some tips for conserving water during the course of your day:

save water for global warming

• Take shorter showers and install a water-saving showerhead. (Very inexpensive and available at your local hardware store!)

• Select plants in your gardens and landscape that do not require heavy watering, such a grasses. Find more about Drought-Resistant Plants

global warming sustainable

• Get a rain-catch barrel and use that water for watering lawn and gardens.

• Upgrade older toilets with newer water conserving models. Tip: Put some food coloring into your toilet bowl—if the color leaks into the tank without flushing, than you have a leak that is wasting water.

• Set your washing machine at the lowest possible setting for the load.

global warming sustainable

• Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or washing up.

• Get rid of the sink garbage disposal and start a compost pile instead.

• Run washer and dishwashers only when they are full.

Aly Sanger


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