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Toying With Mother Nature


Genetically engineered salmon. Really? Well, reports in the past month indicate that they could be coming our way pending FDA approval. But many are wondering if this makes sense for our health. These salmon would grow at fish farms in half the amount of time that salmon grow wild under Mother Nature’s watch.

The question is: Do we really want to eat bio-engineered fish?


Here at Sckoon Organics we have mentioned in the past a scientific study that we find fascinating: scientists were able to make seawater chemically identical to that of natural seawater, however when fish were introduced to it, they died. Toying with Moth Nature is risky.

So, how can these genetically altered salmon be okay for consumption? Will the growth hormones end up in us?

genetically altered salmon

And aside from the health concerns, some are understandably upset over the ethical questions raised by this new form of "farming" in which the salmon eggs are sold on the market to fish farmers. There are also questions about how the consumer would decipher whether they are buying natural fish or genetically engineered fish. How would we know? There is a good article on these questions at Green Matters.

genetically altered salmon

This is another reminder that we need to carefully watch our foods, learn where they come from and how they are processed. Buying certified organic products of all types is best. Here at Sckoon we fully support leaving Mother Nature to do her work without humans interfering in ways that can harm the environment and us.

Aly Sanger


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