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A Quilt of Memories

"The fabrics of our lives start forming early, and are gently and slowly weaved into everlasting memories."

Parents want the best for their kids, even before they are born. So was the case with me when I was pregnant with my firstborn. My husband had the nursery painted in pink and baby-blue, while I designed a huge rainbow on one of the walls with the smiling sun shining above. The furniture was custom-made in white, so were two shelves of four nursery rhymes, bedtime stories and soft toys. The changing table was above a miniature closet. This included a tiny sized wardrobe which was carefully ordered, washed and ironed, with the colorful cottons folded or hanging. The crib was lined with a soft pad for protection, and my mother insisted I place an empty pillowcase; our Baby’s neck would be too small to go over a pillow, but the case was important just the same. White curtains hung neatly on the window, a supply of wonderfully scented cosmetics and disposable diapers were stocked. Yes, we were ready for the arrival of the great day.

Our Princess arrived on a sunny day in January, and as I held her in my arms for the first time, I couldn't wait to take her home to her Kingdom and start spoiling her. The first problem I faced was changing diapers; she was so tiny, and what later proved to be quite easily done, was then more of an ordeal. So, my poor baby ended up with an ugly diaper rash. Her pediatrician explained that her skin was too delicate for disposable diapers, and that I had to use the old fashioned cotton ones. My Mom went off and bought three dozens of those, which were immediately washed, allowed to dry in the sun, then ironed.

Parents want the best for their kids

Magic happened! After treatment and the use of the cotton diapers, her skin was perfectly cured. Only then did I fully appreciate the true value of organic cotton; it’s one of God’s gifts to us. That gentle, natural feeling against our skin is unsurpassable; off the hanging line or out of the dryer, put it against your cheek and enjoy the feeling of warmth.

This was an eye-opener; I turned to everything cotton I could lay my hands on for my precious one, and later on when I discovered organic cotton, there was no stopping me. I found cardboard fortified cotton shelves with neat checker print and tiny ribbons for her new diapers and flannels. I bought a set of books with cotton pages; these I could easily leave in her bed as she slept, and later wash if they were stained with food. The soft sense of this fabric under my fingers as I hugged her, and against her skin, always reassured me that I was doing the right thing for her.


Now, more than two decades later, I still cling on to my kids’ favorite t-shirts which they’ve collected over the years, and actually plan on making each a quilt of those by alternately sewing the backs and fronts, forming a colorful pattern of their memories. These quilts will remain in their rooms, a sweet reminder of all the happy times, for whenever they come back to visit.

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