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Maximize The Power of Garlic and Its Health Benefits


The ancient Egyptian believed Garlic enhances the endurance and strength of the slaves that build Pyramids. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Garlic contains unique sulfur compounds called allicin, which works as a powerful antibacterial and promotes antioxidant activity.

Chop, Slice, Mince or Press

The latest study shows that slicing, chopping, mincing, or pressing Garlic before cooking will enhance its health-promoting properties. Cutting Garlic ruptures the sells and releases powerful enzyme which is converted to allicin.

Garlic health benefits

Let Garlic Sit for 10 Minutes

To get the most health benefits from Garlic, let it sit for 10 minutes, after cutting and before eating and cooking. Waiting 10 minutes allows the health-promoting allicin to form. Consider this; when crushed Garlic was heated, its ability to inhibit cancer development in animals was blocked; yet when the researchers allowed the crushed Garlic to sit for 10 minutes before heating, its anticancer activity was preserved. Research confirms that it is worth the wait.

Garlic health benefits

Don't Overcook Garlic

If you need to heat Garlic, use low to medium temperature and don't cook more than 15 minutes. Roasted Garlic is a Garlic lovers favorite, but roasting Garlic for 45 minutes will cause substantial loss of nutrients.

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