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Newborn Baby Clothes Checklist - What to Prepare for Your Newborn baby

If it is your first time to become a parent, there are a lot of challenges that are headed your way and you should definitely be ready for them. One of the earliest concerns of parents is the baby's clothing. Choosing the wrong clothes may spell trouble for the parent and extreme discomfort and irritation to the baby. On the other hand, choosing the correct ones will ensure that they baby moves with ease and comfort which, in turn, makes the parent feel secured and happy.

Here are basic ideas of newborn baby clothes to prepare for your baby.

Organic Newborn baby clothes

1. For a newborn, a Baby Kimono is a must-to-have style. It is easy to change as the front part full opens.

2. Baby Caps and booties add more protection to tender skins.

3. Before newborn babies arrive, you may want to prepare neutral color clothes, unless you know it's a boy or girl. Un-dyed & unbleached organic cotton baby clothes are most popular.

4. Add some colors - in addition to pink and blue traditional colors, hip & bright colors are gaining popularity.

5. Baby blankets are a must-to-have items. You can swaddle babies, or can use it as a stroller blanket as well.

6. Because of air conditions, you should choose long sleeve clothes even in summer.

organic cotton plush toys for baby

7. When you choose Plush Toys, they should be made of organic cotton and dyed with natural dyes as babies tend to chew them.

Organic Newborn baby clothes

Now, how many how many clothes will be needed for a newborn baby? Here are some suggestions. Please use the list as your checklist to prepare for your newborn baby arrival.

When you plan for your baby shower, don't forget to go over your newborn baby clothes checklist.

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