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Give What They Want This Holiday, Instantly

The stats show that this year there will be approximately 20 percent more people giving gift cards than last year. Gift cards are practical, especially when sent to a mother of a baby, as most babies already have everything they could possibly need. Sckoon Organics offer e-gift certificates that will be sent instantly to recipients. Unlike many drawbacks of other gift cards;

  1. There is no expiration date - recipients can redeem the certificate any time.
  2. No wasted balance - Sckoon e-gift certificates can be used over and over until the remaining balance is $0
  3. No Fees & No shipping costs - while some gift cards, the Visa, Master Card, and Mall cards, add fees (frequently $3-$5 per card), Sckoon's gift certificate is no fees. And Because Sckoon will email the gift card to the recipients, no shipping cost.
  4. Send instantly - order Sckoon e-Gift certificates and the recipient will receive your gift instantly.
  5. Recipients can choose from a wide selection of eco-friendly gifts - Sckoon Organics offer 400+ items of organic baby clothes, baby accessories, baby kimonos, baby diapers, organic plush toys, baby blankets, organic dog clothes and toys, organic cloth menstrual pads as a healthier alternative, and menstrual cup for practical women.

No need for last minute holiday shopping. Go to Sckoon e-Gift Certificates, or call us 1-212-228-6903.

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