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Menstrual Cramp Remedies Organic Ways


Menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea as they are medically known, are due to a problem of chemical origin; the part that lines the uterus absorb certain chemicals, the prostaglandins. These chemicals help the muscle contractions of the uterus, allowing tissues and fluids to be expelled during menstruation. When these chemicals are in excess, cause cramps.

Many women who switched to organic cloth menstrual pads say that their menstrual cramps have been lighter. Although there is no clinical studies to support the cause and effect, we believe that less exposure to chemicals used for the disposable sanitary pads and tampons has impact on the body.

Here are some suggestions for women who suffer from so unwanted menstrual cramps:

Limit exposure to chemicals

The human body is a factory where chemicals govern your entire operation. Any imbalance, excess or shortage of chemicals, produce negative effects. That include body wash and skincare products,shampoo and hair dyes, foods you put in your body, and as mentioned above female hygiene products: some women find their menstrual cramps gone just by switching to organic cotton cloth menstrual pads.

Take calcium, magnesium and potassium:

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, play a key role in relieving menstrual pain. Studies show that women who take calcium supplements have less menstrual pain than those who do not take it. Magnesium has significance in that it helps the body absorb calcium more readily. It is suggested therefore that there is an increase in the reinforcement of these minerals during the menstrual period.

Take a relaxing bath

Fill the tub with hot water and add to it two or three hands of sea salt with baking powder. Relax in this bath for about twenty minutes while you relax and unwind your muscles, relieving the pain of the period.

Drink something hot to keep your body warm

The muscles become more relaxed in the presence of heat. Keep the hot zone of the abdomen, placing for example, a pot of hot water in that area for several minutes at a time. Drink herbal tea or hot lemonade helps.

Get Foot Massages

You can give a foot massage for yoruself. Look for depressions that are above the heel and exert pressure with the fingertips for several minutes on each foot.

Make love

Having sex with orgasm relieves the pain. The movements of the muscles keep the blood away from the parts in pain, relieving pain.

Cut through the alcohol

If you often retain water during the period, drinking alcoholic beverages will only worsen the situation. Avoid drinking beverages with alcohol and if you do opt for beverages with low alcohol content.

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