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Got any advice for Beyonce and baby? Local baby planner names Sckoon.


Let’s just say for grins, Beyonce IS in Houston today to give birth to her baby, although we think it's a bit early. But if she is, what advice would you give the new mom? Houston baby planner Shenequa Aranda of Premier Baby Planning helps educate new moms on what to do and what not to do. She offers Bey (and others) some helpful tips:

  1. Get in formed about things. Do you know how to install a car seat correctly? Time to learn.
  2. Take time for yourself. Use this time out of the limelight (and your social circle) to spend with your baby and your man.
  3. Connect with other moms. Find other moms (like Miss Tina or sis Solange) for support on baby issues.
  4. Use your intuition. Deep down inside you know what feels right.
  5. Pay attention to product ingredients. Aranda says there are plenty of organic products designed for new babies without all those harsh chemicals.

When it comes to outfitting the nursery and wardrobe, Aranda has these suggestions:

Check out Premier Baby Planning for upcoming events, including play dates with Gymboree and workshops on how to baby-sleeping strategies and greening your nursery. BUT if you still don’t care if Beyoncé is having a baby, read music critic Joey Guerra’s 10 Things I Care About More than Beyonce's Baby.

This is a reprint of choron.com with permission of sharing from the author.

Aly Sanger


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