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How to Calm a Crying Baby


When your crying baby can't be calmed, you may be tempted to try just about anything to get the tears to stop. You may be worried that something is wrong and get anxious, but the most important thing is to calm down yourself first. Then cover the basics; does the baby fed, burped or changed? Does he or she have enough sleep? Babies cry because they want attention, or they have needs. Babies, especially newborns, like to be snuggled. Use organic baby blankets to snuggle your baby.

If all doesn’t work, get moving! Put your baby in the stroller, or put him/her in a baby sling and go outside for a short walk. If you can’t go out, you can even move around inside a house. Tell yourself, it’s okay to be frustrated. It’s all part of parenting. Never shake your baby. Put her/she in the crib and let your baby cry while you go to another room to calm yourself.

If you feel it is best to seek for experts’ help, contact your doctor. If not, simply lie down with your crying baby. Tell yourself, I’m lying down with my crying baby, and this is all that I can do now. It might sound like magic, but your calm, accepting vibe travels through the air and reach out to your baby. Just be a parent; an imperfect, loving, parent, that’s all your baby needs.

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