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Organic Food & Mindful Eating

Do you eat organic food? The important thing is not only what you eat, but how you eat. Researchers found that distracted eaters ate up to 100% more after a meal, especially when they eat while watching TV, their subsequent snack intake increased by 20-100%. Distracted eaters not only eat more calories, but they still report that they are less satisfied compared to those who don’t do another activity while eating.

In our fast-paced world, we often forget about mindful eating. We eat while working, texting, driving or in front of a TV or computer screen. That can result in eating up to twice as many calories compared to if you simply eat (doing nothing else) and can take the time to appreciate the taste your meals and snacks.

Suggestions on mindful eating;

1. Be aware of your emotions when you reach out to the snack in front of you. Do you truly want to eat that food or are you just bored, tired, stressed or lonely?

2. Do NOT eat in the car, in front of your TV or computer, at the movie theatre’s or when doing other activities. When you eat, just do one thing; eat.


  • This is even more important; take some time every day, whether it's 15 minutes or 30 minutes, to carve out some alone time to decompress and unplug yourself from the wired world.


After all, all is about being conscious about the present moment. Doing one thing at a time is one of the core teachings of Zen, and I believe that is the most efficient way.

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