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Alternative to tampons


Tampons are one of the most widely used female hygiene product in developed countries. Yet there are several risks and problems associated with them. It is vital for every girl and woman wearing tampons to change them after every eighth hour. Otherwise the tampons can become infectious. One of the most fatal infections is TSS caused due to tampons. Also even after removal, the tampons tend to leave behind traces of fiber that can still lead to this infection. The flushing of tampons on accident, can also lead to clogging the plumbing system. Because of these reasons many women try to find alternative products. Some of the choices for these women include:

  1. The use of menstrual cup

These cups are placed inside the vagina like tampons. However, instead of absorbing the menstrual flow they collect the same which can later be flushed. The menstrual cup is washed and then reinserted in place. The menstrual cup is an ecofriendly product that can be used over for many years. Many women prefer this product as it is cost effective and safe. It is important to properly sterilize the menstrual cups before storing it for next use. For doing this the instructions provided with the purchase of the menstrual cup should be followed accurately.

  1. The use of cloth menstrual pads

cloth menstrual pads

Cloth menstrual pads or the mama-pads are another option that can be used instead of the tampon. Cloth menstruation pads are made from softer fabrics that have the ability to absorb the liquid. In order to increase the absorbance of these pads terry cloth inserts are often used. These pads can be washed easily for reusing. The cloth pads vary in sizes and styles as well.

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