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Best Menstration Cup


Menstration Cup

The menstrual cups were introduced in the 1930s as an alternative female hygiene products. The materials used by the manufacturing companies have changed over time due to health reasons and now they are designed in the medical grade silicon.

The women who use these cups are usually the ones who are making conscious efforts to improve the environment. Others want to avoid the infections that may be caused due to traces of fiber that the tampons leave behind. The menstrual cups are a onetime investment that goes a long way. This is the reason they are guaranteed for years. However, it is important to find a suitable cup that will work best for a woman according to body history or requirements.

One of the first steps to buying the suitable menstrual cup is selecting the material of the cup. A number of women are allergic to latex rubber and thus opt for silicon menstrual cups. For a girl trying out these cups for the first time a rubber one would be ideal as it will be less difficult to place inside. The size of the cup is another factor to consider. Some companies have categorized the menstrual cups they manufacture according to the body history of women. These companies offer different sizes for different ages.

Menstration Cup

The features of the menstrual cup should also be considered before buying the same. Those who are using these cups for the first time might find it easier to use the ones with ridges on stems. Others who are more experienced might like to invest in a menstrual cup that has modifiable stem lengths.

It is important to remember that following the cleaning and sterilizing instructions will keep these cups germ free and the users from getting infections.

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