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Washable Menstrual Pads


The use of the washable menstrual pads instead of the disposable pads reduces the expense of buying the female hygiene products. Many women prefer these cost effective products as they are easy to use and effective in controlling the menstrual flow. Like any other type of pad, these too come in varying sizes, thickness and style. These pads are also termed as environmentally friendly as they do not contribute to landfill. The materials and fabrics that are used for making washable menstrual pads include:

  1. Soft cotton
  2. Hemp
  3. Velour
  4. Fleece
  5. Cotton flannel etc.

The washable menstrual pads can be easily bought from the stores dealing in the female hygiene products. Women can also order these pads from the online stores and retailers dealing in similar items to have their orders delivered to their residence. When it comes to washing the reusable pads one should make sure to follow the instructions provided by the pad manufacturing company exactly. This will help in keeping the pads long-lasting. Washing these pads is very easy, keep in mind a few things:

Washable Menstrual Pad

The washable menstrual pads should not be cleaned with chlorine or other harsh chemicals or the fibers of the fabric will weaken

  1. A mixture of white vinegar or a few drops of tea tree oil and water is effective in removing odor and infection or germ traces from these pads
  2. To get rid of the stains make sure to rinse them in cold water instead of hot water which leads to setting the stain
  3. For the persistent stains baking soda can be used while washing or make use of oxygen based cleaners
  4. Do not treat the pads with fabric softener as it will leave them less absorbent

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