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Tampon alternatives


Why is there a need to find alternatives to disposable tampons? There is a need because the excessive use of disposable tampons for the menstruation purposes is leading to a very unhealthy situation. These pads are used more or less everywhere in world and are causing many environmental problems. Besides the environment, these are also causing economic problems for a number of people and therefore there is a need to talk about some good alternatives to disposable tampons. There are many non-disposable and reusable things that can be used in place of tampons. We will discuss these things over here. In place of tampons you can use menstrual cup, sea sponge tampons and also the cloth pads that cost lesser as compared to expensive disposable menstrual pads.

Cloth pads- a good alternative:

Cloth pads are traditional but good, as these can be reused! You cannot use a disposable menstruation pad after one usage however washing a cloth can make it reusable for several times. Therefore it is more beneficial for everyone; for you and also for the environment. Cloth pads are available in a large variety starting from a normal range to better and the best cotton pads. All of these are disposable and can serve as a good alternative to the disposable tampons.

Menstrual cups- use for a longer time period:

Menstrual cup is another good option. You can use a menstrual cup for a number of years and it will not disappoint you ever. A menstruation cup is more convenient and is it is not required to be purchased on regular basis. You can buy two menstruation cups and can use alternatively to avoid discomfort. These are really helpful and good in spending the menstruation time. Menstruation cups are normally made up of silicon, some are also found to be made of rubber. The menstruation cup collects the menstrual material and does not absorb other things along with the blood that is a healthy perspective of using a menstrual cup in place of a menstruation disposable pad. Menstrual cups are durable and will serve you for quite a long period of time.

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