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Reusable Menstrual pads

Menstrual cups are the alternative hygiene product for women that help in collecting menstrual flow. These cups are placed inside the vagina and will need to be cleaned and rinsed after every few hours before reinserting them again. The major difference between a tampon and a menstrual cup is that the tampon is responsible for absorbing the liquid. The menstrual cup however only collects it to be flushed away later on. Many women dislike wearing pads as they become obvious under certain clothes. Most of the time, women are looking for the hygiene products that are invisible, which can be worn under dresses of all kinds. Most dislike tampons as they have a high risk of infections if they are not changed every few hours. An ecofriendly solution is the use of the menstrual cups.

The replacement of the cup after every eight to twelve hours might appear to be bothersome to many women, but they get comfortable with it as the time passes. When it comes to cleaning menstrual cups it is important to follow the instructions provided with the purchase. These cups come with a guarantee of years and are a cost effective choice as they can be reused many times. Also, menstrual cups do not leave behind any traces of fiber as does the use of tampons. Menstrual cups can be bought easily from department stores or the retailers dealing in women hygiene products. However, those who do not have time to search or buy the same can also place orders to purchase menstrual cups on http://www.sckooncup.com

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