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Where to Buy a Menstrual Cup and Benefits of Menstrual Cups


Menstrual cups have been around for over 60 years, but women are just now realizing the benefits of switching from pads and tampons to menstrual cups. If you already use a cup for your period, you may be able to convince your friends on the benefits of switching. You can also point them in the right direction on where to buy their very own menstrual cup. It’s important for users of menstrual cups to share their experiences, because for many women, switching to a cup can feel weird or cause them to feel anxious on its effectiveness. The more women who share positive experiences with their friends, the more women who will want to experience all of the benefits of Sckoon Cup.

Save Money
A Sckoon Cup lasts about two years, but could possibly last longer depending on the frequency of your periods. When you use traditional methods of period control, you have to purchase new products each month. With a menstrual cup, you only need to purchase the number of cups you believe you’ll need. Usually, women can order two cups and feel confident that they have the protection they need while on their current period, and the many others to come. You will spend less on a menstrual cup, compared to what you would spend on hygienic products in a year. If you currently use a menstrual cup and want to inform friends on where to buy a one, for a competitive price, compare prices online. Make sure you demonstrate to your friends on how they can save money by investing in a cup rather than using disposable products.

Comfortable and Clean
You will maintain the same level of comfort and cleanliness with a menstrual cup as you would with a tampon. In fact, some women find that the cups are the more comfortable option. Because a tampon expands as it absorbs your flow, it can become uncomfortable after a few hours. A cup will maintain its shape and size since your flow collects into it, rather than being absorbed.

The shape and size of a cup will allow you to do all of your normal activities without worrying about leaks or noticeable outlines through your clothes. Unlike a pad or tampon, you will not have soiled waste to dispose of during your period. You simply empty the contents of the cup into the toilet, flush, wash off your cup and reinsert for comfortable protection that lasts for hours. Visit if you’re stuck on where to buy a menstrual cup and browse our selection of menstrual products!

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