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Not All Cups are the Same: A Menstrual Cup Comparison

We all know that menstrual cups are a fantastic alternative to tampons during your time-of-the-month, but did you know that not all cups are the same? Before you buy, consider this menstrual cup comparison to help you make the right choice.

Menstrual Cup Design
Design & Materials

While you may be the only one seeing this cup, the design and materials do matter. These aspects are important because they play a role in how the cup will react with your body and the comfort of the product. Here are some details to consider:

  • Single vs. Two Piece – the single piece design usually has less indentations or dips that could scratch your delicate tissue, and it lasts longer (e.g. Sckoon)
  • Shape – Cups come in multiple shapes. The bell shaped design gives you a secure hold up top and captures the fluid in the smaller area. This design makes it easier for you to grip and remove. Another design, that is bowl-like, has a different method for removal by gripping the cup from the lip or top of the bowl. This second design may be more difficult to remove but occasionally holds more fluid.
  • Tail or Tail-Free – Some menstrual cups are designed with tails at the end to make it easier to grip for removal. However, these tails can be rigid and uncomfortable. If you are interested in a design with a tail, find a cup that has a tail made with flexible material that will bend as you move. Some cups with tails make it possible for you to trim the tail to your desired length, making it more comfortable to wear.
  • Volume & Seals – Some cups hold more than others. As expected, usually the more volume it holds, the bulkier the cup. Depending on your flow and whether you’ve had a child birth, make your choice accordingly. Some cups come with suction grips for added protection against leaks.

Manstrual Cup Comfort
Overall Comfort

One of the most important features to consider with your menstrual cup comparison is the issue of comfort. During your period you may be dealing with cramps, headaches, or body aches – the last thing that you need is an uncomfortable menstrual cup. Look at reviews to see what other women have to say about their experience with the products and choose the one that is right for you.

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