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Where Can I Buy a Menstrual Cup?

Have you heard about the growing trend of menstrual cups? These revolutionary devices are not only comfortable and convenient, but they’re helping thousands of women save money each and every month!

If you’re wondering to yourself, "Where can I buy a menstrual cup?" – you’re not alone. These products aren’t traditionally available in many stores, so your best option is to shop around right here online. While there are some different products and brands that you can choose from, you’ll want to ensure that the following features are included in the cup you end up going with.


A Smooth Rim

Some menstrual cups feature bumps around the rim of the cup, and this is definitely something that you want to avoid. This can cause discomfort both during insertion and while wearing the cup itself, somewhat defeating the purpose of the product itself. By choosing a cup that has a smooth rim, you can ensure that you enjoy a comfortable experience overall.

The Molding Process

Cups that are molded to include suction holes are generally higher quality than those that have suction holes added after the fact. When this level of attention is given during the molding process, you can generally count on a higher quality product overall.

Made in the USA

More and more consumers are looking for products that are made in the USA, and for good reason! These companies not only keep our country working, but they also tend to produce higher quality products that last longer than those made overseas. When a menstrual cup is made in the USA, you can count on comfort and durability.

Reusable Matters

Some menstrual cups are not reusable, so make sure of this before placing your order! Generally, cups meant to be washed and used again are made of medical-grade silicone.

Now that you know what to look for, check out some of the online retailers that will allow you to place your order online quickly and easily. If you’ve been wondering, "Where can I buy a menstrual cup?" – it’s time to stop wondering and start experiencing "that time of the month" more comfortably than ever!

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